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NSF approved

detectable removable equipment


Today, technology can locate or detect just about anything. Radiology and medical imaging, detection of pathologies by ultrasound, Doppler, infiltration, X-ray, scanner, MRI. In astronomy, the recent discovery of the exoplanet, similar to planet earth, Keppler 452 b located 1,400 Light Years away gives an overview of the optical performance of a super telescope. Not to mention the space requirements, (American HYPERION demonstrator) for meteorological, military or criminological applications. An AUGER spectrometer allows to characterize electrons extracted from an internal atomic layer. Most detectors are in CAD, computer-aided detection.

The most suitable means to be used depend on the equation: speed, mass, size, distance, and cost.



Detection systems made mandatory by regulation may be:

visual identification

industrial vision detection

  • X-rays
  • Multispectral imaging that tends to be replaced by HSI Hyperspectral imaging with a resolution lower than 10 nm. It breaks down images into 2 parts, one containing structure (intruder) and the other, texture (food).
  • by parametric analysis of image descriptors to detect a known alteration (pattern). This technology is mainly used for high-speed single product, such as mineral water.
  • 2D optical vision, 3D for penetrating foreign bodies
  • acoustic photo imaging detection
  • Laser Optical Feedback Imaging (LOFI)
  • Colour contrast detectors
  • Microwave detectors. Disturbance in the magnetic field by difference in permittivity
  • openCV-python tutorials type software applications